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number Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware X 1923158 number Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware X 1923158

Trademark 'X' owned by 'Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware'

This is a brand page is for the X trademark owned by Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware.

On 2018-04-30 an application for registration of a trademark was filed with IP Australia by Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware. At the time of application the application was given number 1923158. As at the last database update (on 2018-09-13) the status of this trademark application was Accepted.

If you would like further information regarding products containing the X mark or goods and/or services provided by Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware, please contact them directly.
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    Clothing, footwear, headgear.
    clothing; lingerie; intimates; shapewear; hosiery; sleep and/or lounge apparel; bras; panties; briefs; shaper panties; underwear; halter bras; thongs; g-strings; boyleg underpants; boy shorts; negligees; bralettes; corsets; slips; bra slips; chemises; camisoles; hipster underpants; foundation garments; teddies; girdles; control briefs; merry widows; bloomers; garter belts; bustiers; robes; nightgowns; pajamas; baby doll pajamas; body stockings; bathrobes; nightshirts; loungewear; slippers; sleepsocks; panty hose; stockings; sleepwear; any silhouette which resembles said foregoing products in apparel
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