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number Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware Delaware X 1923158 number Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware Delaware X 1923158

Trademark 'X' owned by 'Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware Delaware'

This is a brand page is for the X trademark owned by Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware Delaware.

On 2018-04-30 an application for registration of a trademark was filed with IP Australia by Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware Delaware. At the time of application the application was given number 1923158. As at the last database update (on 2018-12-20) the status of this trademark application was Registered: Registered/protected.

If you would like further information regarding products containing the X mark or goods and/or services provided by Lavender Lingerie, LLC Delaware Delaware, please contact them directly.
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    Clothing, footwear, headgear.
    clothing; lingerie; intimates; shapewear; hosiery; sleep and/or lounge apparel; bras; panties; briefs; shaper panties; underwear; halter bras; thongs; g-strings; boyleg underpants; boy shorts; negligees; bralettes; corsets; slips; bra slips; chemises; camisoles; hipster underpants; foundation garments; teddies; girdles; control briefs; merry widows; bloomers; garter belts; bustiers; robes; nightgowns; pajamas; baby doll pajamas; body stockings; bathrobes; nightshirts; loungewear; slippers; sleepsocks; panty hose; stockings; sleepwear; any silhouette which resembles said foregoing products in apparel
Registered: Registered/protected
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