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Trademark '' owned by 'Disney Enterprises, Inc.'

This website page is for the mark registered to Disney Enterprises, Inc..

On 2011-03-02 a trademark application was filed with IP Australia by Disney Enterprises, Inc.. On application IP Australia allocated number 1411905. As at the last database update (on 2019-04-18) the status of this trademark application was Registered: Registered/protected.

If you would like more information regarding products associated the trademark or goods and/or services supplied by Disney Enterprises, Inc., please contact them directly.
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    Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; soaps; perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; dentifrices.
    cleaning preparations: polishing preparations: scouring preparations: abrasive preparations; bleaching preparations; substances for laundry use; personal care items; toiletries; after-shave lotions; antiperspirants; aromatherapy oils; artificial eyelashes; artificial fingernails; baby oil; baby shampoo; baby lotion; baby powder; baby wipes; bath gels; bath oil; bath powder; beauty masks; blush; body creams; body lotions; body powders; breath freshener; bubble bath; cologne; cosmetics; deodorants; dusting powder; essential oils for personal use; eye liner; eye shadows; eyebrow pencils; face powder; facial creams; facial lotions; facial masks; facial toner; body toner; facial scrubs; fragrance emitting wicks for room fragrance; fragrance; fragrances for personal use; hair lotions; sunscreen lotions; sunscreen creams; sunscreen gels; sunscreen foams; sunscreen sprays; sunscreen tonics; hair cream rinse; hair gel; hair conditioners; hair shampoo; hair mousse; hair creams; hair spray; hand cream; hand lotions; hand soaps; lip balm; lipstick; lip gloss; liquid soaps; makeup; mascara; mouthwash; nail care preparations; nail glitter; nail hardeners; nail polish; non-medicated toiletries; perfume; potpourri; room fragrances; scalp conditioner; shaving cream; skin cleansing cream; skin soap; talcum powders; toilet water; skin creams; skin moisturizer; sun block; sun screen; glitter for cosmetic purposes; cosmetics; dentifrices; non-medicated toiletries; fragrances; perfumes
Registered: Registered/protected
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