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number Apple Inc. IPHONE 1803689 number Apple Inc. IPHONE 1803689

Trademark 'IPHONE' owned by 'Apple Inc.'

This website page for the IPHONE brand owned by Apple Inc..

On 2016-05-06 a trademark application was filed with the Australian Government by Apple Inc.. At the time of application IP Australia allocated number 1803689. As at the last database update (on 2018-12-20) the status of this trademark application was Protected: Registered/protected.

If you would like more information regarding goods and services in connection with the IPHONE mark or goods and/or services supplied by Apple Inc., please contact them directly.
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    Transport; packaging and storage of goods; travel arrangement
    physical storage of electronically stored digital content consisting of text, photographs, images, video, and audio files; information and consultation in connection therewith
Protected: Registered/protected
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