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About Applied Marks and our trade mark packages

As a premier provider of online trademark registration services since 2008, you can trust Applied Marks to look after all your trade mark needs in Australia.

We have pioneered innovative, world-class technology to simplify and cost-effectively facilitate the trademark application process without compromising on quality.

Our company stands at the forefront of online trademark registration services.

Applied Marks is open 24/7 online and we can assist your enquiries during office hours if you need to contact us.

Just give us a call on (02) 9393 0391 (AEST — Australian Eastern Standard Time). We are happy to help and we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed with our service.

We provide three different trade mark services:

At Applied Marks, we acknowledge that each business owner is unique and is at different stages of their business venture.

To cater to diverse needs, we’ve crafted three trade mark packages, each designed to fit various budget levels and service expectations. We’re excited about the prospect of assisting you in safeguarding your most critical asset. All that remains is for you to choose how we can be of service to you!


Our simple user-friendly online platform enables you to effortlessly apply for a trademark without the need for direct communication with us. Our intelligent trademark platform will smoothly walk you through the three-step process of securing trademark protection for your brand name. No need for consultations; it’s straightforward and self-explanatory! Three simple steps make it the most popular and affordable option available!

Including GST + government fees


If you feel you could benefit from additional assistance, we’re here for you. Upon request, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who specialises in trademarks.

They’ll seamlessly take over your draft application, ensuring everything is meticulously checked for your peace of mind.

Including GST + government fees


If you’re a busy small business owner with no time to spare for trade mark applications, our service is tailored just for you. Simply fill out a form telling us about your business and then let Applied Mark’s Trade Mark Attorneys handle the entire process.

Concierge gold class service, tell us what you do, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Including GST + government fees

Regardless of the service you opt for, we’re committed to ensuring it’s executed accurately and promptly. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any uncertainties or questions – we’re here to help!

Speak to one of our experienced trademark attorneys today.