Real businesses | Real People

These case studies are real businesses with real people behind them. These business owners who are Applied Marks clients, you are about to read about have been kind enough to share their stories, so that other business owners, like you, can benefit from their insights as to why they had gone to the trouble and expense of trade mark registration in Australia.

People starting businesses do not understand why they need trade mark registration. We hope that these stories will help entrepreneurs understand the importance of trade mark registration at the beginning of their business venture.

It’s a fact, without a trade mark registration, a business does not own the legal right to use that brand name in the marketplace. It’s the trade mark registration that provides brand protection.

Other types of registrations such as company name, trading name, and domain name do not grant ownership rights over the brand name. In disputes concerning a brand name, the owner of the trademark typically holds legal precedence over the party lacking trademark ownership. Trade mark registration provides brand protection.

Davies-Choc-Case Study

No Trade Mark: No Protection

Davies Chocolates was founded in 1932 by Sidney Davies. Since its inception, the scrumptious and premium chocolate brand has seen several owners. Noel Kowald and his […]



Protecting his personal brand & business reputation

Simon James, a seasoned photographer with over 26 years in the field, is renowned worldwide for his beautiful photographs. He values his brand and reputation as […]



The Power of a Trade Mark

When Tuong and David, launched a business together in 2005, selling computing and networking products under the brand ‘Wireless 1”, Due to their lack of understanding […]


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